Comstock Heritage Sutro Skull

This is a buckle with some serious attitude. Links of a hand-engraved, sterling silver chain encircle the oval face. In the center is a skull wearing Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses over crossed bones, creating a stylish, luxurious Jolly Roger that any pirate would envy. The lenses and frames of the shades are made of fourteen-karat rose gold, as is the rose beneath it. The rose also has a fourteen-karat green gold stem. To top it all off, the skull is wearing a fourteen-karat rose gold crown studded with three diamonds. Fits all SIZE belt straps.,

,America's oldest western silversmiths, Comstock Heritage was founded in 1886. Since then they have been perfecting the art of taking metal from the earth and shaping it into something beautiful. The Stegman family has owned the business since the 1920s, making everything from badges for law enforcement to ornamentation for saddles. Using this storied history and expertise, the craftsmen at Comstock now specialize in one-of-a-kind custom silver and gold pieces. Everything Comstock produces is made entirely by hand, reflecting respect for the materials and care for the family legacy of Comstock Heritage