Antique Saddle Wildebeest Strap

If you’re going to invest in a buckle, you need a proper belt strap. We have chosen Chacon as our exclusive supplier of belt straps because of their superior quality and durability. Handmade by people who understand belts and buckles, this wildebeest belt is actually a wildebeest skin layered on top of calfskin for more structure. Perhaps a bit more dressed down than their alligator skin counterparts, whether you choose chocolate, cognac, antique saddle, or distressed grey you'll be able to see the textures and note each unique characteristic of this unexpected skin. And unlike most belts, Chacon’s don’t go limp or crease. They’re able to handle any buckle you put on them and still keep their beauty for years and years.

Located at the edge of the Santa Fe National Forest in Rociada, New Mexico, Chacon Belts and Buckles have the distinct advantage of being at the nexus of the many different cultures that have lived in that region. The traditions of the West, Spain, Mexico, and Native Americans inform their design decisions and artistry. Since they make buckles as well, they are intimately familiar with what a good belt needs to support a buckle. By choosing only the finest leathers and making everything by hand, Chacon makes belts that stand the test of time.

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