Camel Break Suede II

  • Distressed camel break kid throughout
  • 12" Distressed kid shaft
  • #3 Walking heel
  • Buck lacing details along seams
  • All leather components & steel shanks, handmade leather toe boxes
  • Lemonwood-pegged leather soles allow natural weather-induced expansion & contraction
  • We recommend going up a 1/2 size
  • Made in El Paso, TX

The Camel Break Suede in vintage camel combines elements of traditional Western design with broader Americana style concepts to create an original and accessible boot. The 'vintage' element is one of the coolest things about this boot—it gives the suede so much character and depth. Machines can't achieve this level of intricacy in leather distressing, and most bootmakers aren't willing to attempt it. Stallion's master craftsmen do it entirely by hand, making each boot as unique as the set of hands that worked it. Featuring a rounded toe, suggesting a more casual note, and bug & wiggle medallion on vamp.

Vintage Brown